What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is…

Constantly varied functional movements performed at high levels of intensity, with the goal of increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains.

Here’s what it means:

Think for a moment about the types of movements that we do in everyday life: squatting…lifting…pushing…pulling.  These are what could be described as functional movements, the movements that we have to perform to meet the physical challenges that life throws at us.  CrossFit is a method of training that builds functional strength, the type of strength required for real-life tasks.  We don’t use machines to balance and stabilize the weights for us, and we don’t do muscle-isolation exercises; that isn’t how the human musculoskeletal system works in real-life situations.  Every time we move, or perform any task, our movement and work effort is generated by kinetic chains of muscles working together: prime movers, stabilizers, synergists.  We utilize Olympic lifting and powerlifting to train and strengthen the larger muscles of the body, as well as basic gymnastics and movement skill work to activate and strengthen the smaller stabilizing muscles.

The elements of the workouts – the lifts, exercises, and movements of the strength work, as well as the length and intensity of the conditioning work – are constantly varied in order to develop General Physical Preparedness, or GPP.  This is our ability to meet and excel at any physical challenge we may be faced with.  As such, we don’t just train in one or two areas of fitness; we are training to improve across all of the recognized fitness domains: Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.  General Physical Preparedness is often described in conjunction with what is known as the “Hopper” model of workouts or physical challenges – the idea being that, your training should prepare you for whatever random workout or physical challenge the hopper may generate.  Your training should increase your capacity to work across broad time (shorter and longer efforts) and modal (strength/endurance/movement skill) domains.

We train at high levels of intensity, trying to keep the amount of “work” in the workouts as high as possible over shorter periods of time in order to maximize the metabolic conditioning, cardio endurance, and strength-gaining impact that the workouts will have on the body.  The reason this style of training is so effective is simple: it’s in our DNA.  We get stronger, fitter, and healthier faster when we move the way we were meant to move – squatting, lifting, pushing, pulling, working at high levels of intensity.  Our bodies respond well to it, because it’s what we are built for.  Want to see what CrossFit looks like in action? Check out the two videos below:




On Ramp

The first step to getting started at HardVolume CrossFit is to schedule a Free Introductory Session with one of our staff.  During the Introductory Session, we’ll show you around the gym, discuss our class schedule and workout formatting, and go over the types of lifts and movements we work with.  We’d like to hear what your fitness goals are, and we’ll talk with you about how our training and programming methodology can help you achieve them.  You can schedule your Free Introductory Session with us by submitting the online form below, or simply by calling us at the gym (520.398.7443) or emailing Eric Mackey (eric@hardvolume.net).

After your Introductory Session, we’ll schedule two One-on-One Sessions for you with one of our Coaches to teach you the basic lifts, movements, and exercises.  The One-on-One sessions are generally 60 minutes in length, and will feature a short workout at the end of each session that will utilize what you’ve learned.  The One-on-One Sessions are free with Membership sign-up; the cost for the two-session series without Membership sign-up is $50.

After that, you are ready to jump in with our regular workout classes!  Keep in mind, anyone can do CrossFit – our workouts and training program are scalable and adaptable to anyone’s level of fitness and ability.  Whether you are currently working out or whether you are starting from square one, our Coaching Staff would love to work with you.  Don’t put it off, and don’t waste time “thinking about it” – get in touch with us and get started today!



Previous CrossFit Experience?

If you already have previous CrossFit experience and are looking for a new gym,  you are welcome to come hit a couple of workouts with us to try our box out (click here to go to our Schedule page).  The first time you come in, we will have a short Intake/Waiver form for you to fill out so please arrive a few minutes early, if possible.  If you have any questions, concerns, or special considerations that you would like to discuss ahead of time, please give us a call at the gym (520.398.7443) or email Eric Mackey at eric@hardvolume.net.