Summer Sando

Posted by Joshua on 12/09/2015
Summer found CrossFit in 2009 to supplement her endurance training.  After completing 7 marathons and multiple half-marathons prior to CrossFit, Summer’s knees were injured and body was stressed.  By incorporating the varied strength and conditioning of CrossFit, decreasing her running mileage and cleaning up her nutrition she was able to get rid of constant knee and back pain and qualify for the Boston Marathon.  As an overweight teen/young adult who tried to out run a crappy diet to lose weight, Summer is grateful to have found CrossFit.  By focusing on healthy lifestyle habits and performance goals, she found a way to feel pride beyond the scale. With a desire to help others reach the same confidence Summer completed her CrossFit Level 1 training certificate in 2013.

Through 15 years of understanding the body in movement as a dance instructor and a massage therapist and through her own wellness journey, Summer has a deep passion for encouraging, educating and guiding others toward optimal health.  Summer believes that embracing physical challenges, whether through partner dancing, heavy squats or running an ultramarathon brings a sense of confidence, joy and mental strength that is everlasting.