Josh Purcell

Posted by Joshua on 12/09/2015

Josh Purcell was introduced to CrossFit in 2011 by a friend of a friend. After rock climbing and distance running for 10 years, his progression in both endeavors had plateaued despite longer and harder training.  Initially he was reluctant to try CrossFit, but the combination of competition and camaraderie that CrossFit delivers had him hooked. Soon CrossFit changed from a supplementary activity to his primary training, and then later to a profession when he became a CrossFit Level One Trainer and began coaching at HardVolume CrossFit.  For Josh, the process of progress is invigorating –  he loves coaching and enjoys helping people reach their fitness goals, whether they involve weight loss or advanced weightlifting.

Josh is also an amateur Muay Thai boxer and avid emcee. He has dabbled in many professions, including but not limited to: roughneck in a well drilling crew, cook, pizza delivery, middle management at UPS, bell boy, bouncer, bicycle security guard, mason, lumberjack, woodworker, concrete finisher, and globetrotting hobo. Josh currently installs residential garage doors.