Eric Mackey


Eric is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, and Tucson native who has enjoyed an active and athletic life from an early age, swimming competitively during his formative years, and playing three seasons on the Rugby Team at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Eric first learned about CrossFit in 2007 following a severe nerve compression injury to his ribs and left shoulder. Looking for a functional strength training program for rehabilitation, Eric began doing scaled versions of the workouts posted on the CrossFit mainsite. It wasn’t long before he regained full use of his left shoulder & arm and began doing the workouts as Rx’d; he has been an avid CrossFitter ever since.

In addition to being the owner and one of the Coaches at HardVolume CrossFit, Eric maintains a private practice, Sonoran Athletic Therapies, which specializes in sports injury management, orthopedic massage, and improving movement, agility, and tissue mobility. Eric has taught courses in Sports Injury Management, Orthopedic Massage, Myofascial Therapies, Muscle Anatomy & Kinesiology, Neuromuscular Sciences, and Anatomy & Physiology at Pima Community College, Cortiva Institute Tucson, The Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Desert Institute of the Healing Arts, and The Providence Institute. He is in the long, long process of authoring two textbooks: Palpation and Kinesiology: An Integrated Approach for Bodyworkers and Sports Massage: Methodology – Direction – Application.

Eric’s CrossFit Certifications include the Level One Trainer Course; the Coaches’ Prep/Level Two Trainer Course; Olympic Weightlifting; Powerlifting; and Mobility & Recovery.  He is a Certified Level Two MovNat Trainer, and a Catalyst Athletics Level One Weightlifting Coach.

Nic Holck

Head Coach

Nic has been professionally coaching CrossFit, Weightlifting, JuJitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Skiing, and Snowboarding since 2005, and has worked full time as a personal trainer & movement/strength coach since 2008.  Working with people from the full spectrum of age and athletic ability, from the elderly to youth and from professional athletes to those with limited physical function, Nic has helped all ranges of people improve and increase their movement and health capacities.  He has a great passion for understanding the movement of, and in, the human body, and strives to share that information with anyone in the pursuit of self-betterment.

Summer Sando

Gym Manager/Coach

Summer found CrossFit in 2009 to supplement her endurance training.  After completing 7 marathons and multiple half-marathons prior to CrossFit, Summer’s knees were injured and body was stressed.  By incorporating the varied strength and conditioning of CrossFit, decreasing her running mileage and cleaning up her nutrition she was able to get rid of constant knee and back pain and qualify for the Boston Marathon.  As an overweight teen/young adult who tried to out run a crappy diet to lose weight, Summer is grateful to have found CrossFit.  By focusing on healthy lifestyle habits and performance goals, she found a way to feel pride beyond the scale. With a desire to help others reach the same confidence Summer completed her CrossFit Level 1 training certificate in 2013.

Through 15 years of understanding the body in movement as a dance instructor and a massage therapist and through her own wellness journey, Summer has a deep passion for encouraging, educating and guiding others toward optimal health.  Summer believes that embracing physical challenges, whether through partner dancing, heavy squats or running an ultramarathon brings a sense of confidence, joy and mental strength that is everlasting.


Josh Purcell


Josh Purcell was introduced to CrossFit in 2011 by a friend of a friend. After rock climbing and distance running for 10 years, his progression in both endeavors had plateaued despite longer and harder training.  Initially he was reluctant to try CrossFit, but the combination of competition and camaraderie that CrossFit delivers had him hooked. Soon CrossFit changed from a supplementary activity to his primary training, and then later to a profession when he became a CrossFit Level One Trainer and began coaching at HardVolume CrossFit.  For Josh, the process of progress is invigorating –  he loves coaching and enjoys helping people reach their fitness goals, whether they involve weight loss or advanced weightlifting.

Josh is also an amateur Muay Thai boxer and avid emcee. He has dabbled in many professions, including but not limited to: roughneck in a well drilling crew, cook, pizza delivery, middle management at UPS, bell boy, bouncer, bicycle security guard, mason, lumberjack, woodworker, concrete finisher, and globetrotting hobo. Josh currently installs residential garage doors.