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Why HardVolume?

Our Coaching

Anyone joining a CrossFit gym should have high expectations of the gym and its Coaching Staff.  You should expect that the Coaches will engage with the gym members, know their level of athletic skill and ability, and remain focused on them while they are at the gym.  You should expect that the Coaches will have the knowledge, expertise, and skills necessary to help you safely and effectively achieve your fitness goals.

At HardVolume CrossFit, we take the responsibility of Coaching seriously.  We see our Coaches not just as trainers, but as educators, motivators, and leaders. We strive to provide high-level Coaching for high-level fitness goals and expectations. Our Coaching Staff has an extremely broad range of experience and depth of knowledge when it comes to muscle anatomy and kinesiology, and how the human body moves. Our professional backgrounds are not only in CrossFit and weightlifting; they also include over 10 years each in the fields of Personal Training, Boxing and Martial Arts, Orthopedic Massage and Sports Injury Management, and Dance Instruction.  We’ve spent a lot of time watching people move, and helping them to move better.  Our focus on correct movement, form, and positioning is a key aspect of how we help our members build functional fitness and develop optimal athletic performance.

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Our Programming

One of the main goals of CrossFit training is General Physical Preparedness – being able to handle whatever physical challenges life throws at us.  Ideally, we should be able to consistently excel at any physical test or workout we are presented with, whether it is strength oriented, conditioning/endurance oriented, or movement skills oriented.  Your gym’s programming should be training you for that randomized “hopper model” of physical challenges.  But your gym shouldn’t be using a hopper model for its workout programming.

At HardVolume, we take into account the three “P’s” of programming: Planning, Progressions, and Periodization.  Our workout programming runs in six- and eight-week cycles that build in volume (sets and reps) and intensity (weight load), but also feature de-load weeks that allow the body’s tissues time to rebuild, heal, and grow stronger.  We offer two distinct orientations in training for our members to choose from: a Strength Track, emphasizing weightlifting and power production; and an Endurance Track, emphasizing conditioning and strength-building for longer endurance efforts.  Each of these two tracks are programmed to improve all of the fundamental aspects of fitness; our weightlifters run, and our runners lift weights.  We keep your training focused, with varied strength training phases, organized progressions for learning and building gymnastics and movement skills, well-planned metabolic- and cardio-conditioning elements, and an underlying emphasis on mobility, flexibility, and quality of movement.

Our training programs are scalable and adaptable to anyone’s level of fitness and ability, from new beginners to competitive athletes.  Whatever your fitness goals are, we are confident that our programming will help you not only meet, but surpass them.  Want to see what a typical cycle of our programming looks like? Click here to check out our WOD Archive.

Our Facility

Open but intimate, spread out but not far-flung, our gym space is laid out to be as functional, efficient, and organized as possible – just like our workouts.  With designated Olympic lifting stations, an expanse of synthetic turf for sled pushing and mobility work & stretching, and enough floorspace to accommodate large classes, our gym retains the open feel of its warehouse architecture and construction, yet is contained enough for our Coaches to be able to remain focused on each individual member during workouts.