Nutrition Q&A & Running Class Q&A with Summer & Josh this Sunday 6/16 at 9:00am

Posted by Eric on 06/17/2016
 This Sunday June 19th at 9:00am, join Summer and Josh to discuss new programs we are implementing to help you reach your health and fitness goals.
Our new running sessions at the track are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings and will be coached by Josh, with Summer jumping in as needed when Josh needs time off to go on tour for his rap album. They both have extensive running experience under their belts, Josh as a speedy 5k/miler and Summer as a marathoner/ultramarathoner.  This class is open to all experience levels whether you want to improve your running form, get faster, prep for your first event or just need some peers to push you through some tough 400m repeats. Bring your questions and lets talk running!
Do you need guidance or accountability in getting your lifestyle in check to reach your goals? They may be performance, weight loss, or generally feeling good and energized in your everyday life. Come learn about joining a 12 week Wellness Challenge which will include topics of Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, Movement, and Mindset.  Remember, just an hour with us at HardVolume a few days a week isn’t going to make big changes in your life if you aren’t maintaining healthy habits outside of the gym!  We all know what is healthy, and what we need to do but sometimes its challenging to know where to start or what steps to take, that’s what this is about.  Beyond the organized group wellness challenge, Summer is also available to give one on one guidance in an individualized nutrition plan.
We will see you on Sunday morning at 9am.  Lifting 101 will resume next week, June 26th with Nic.